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Electronic & Paper Claims Filing 

We have the capability to transmit claims electronically to over 900 insurance carriers nationwide with both the HCFA 1500 or UB92. Claims are checked against updated editing criteria specific to each carrier. Claims for secondary payors, Workers' Compensation, Personal Injury, and some smaller carriers without electronic abilities are submitted via paper. Often, electronic claims are paid within 10-14 days of submission.  We use appropriate CPT and ICD-9 coding to promote higher reimbursement. We excel in electronic claims filing.

Delinquent Claim Follow Up

With more insurance carriers implementing shorter filing deadlines, frequent and effective claim follow up is the only way to make sure that you are reimbursed for your services. We keep track of your unpaid insurance claims and work with the insurance carriers to make sure that we get your claims paid.

Patient and Insurance Payment Posting 

When you receive payment, simply forward us a copy of the Explanation of Benefits (or comparable document), patient receipt, or completed daysheet. We will review all EOBs for accurate reimbursement, and then promptly post all payments to the appropriate accounts.

Patient Invoicing 

Once a month, statements are sent to patients with remaining balances.

Insurance Verification

We will contact your patients insurance to verify coverage, copays, deductibles and determine whether authorization is required. We will then fax this information back to your office.

Reports That Keep You Up To Date:

When turning over your accounts to Abacus Medical Billing Services, Inc. you will never feel out of touch. One significant difference between AMBS and our competitors is the quality of our reporting. We keep our clients informed through. . .

- Acknowledgments of Receipt: This statement confirms, by name and reference number, the accounts the client has submitted to us for collections.

Monthly Statement: This statement is sent each month, along with the client’s check for revenue received in the period.

Client Status Report: This s a monthly report showing progress of each account

Authorization tracking.